uncertainty specialist


“Flavia’s work provides valuable insights into the role of intuition in decision-making under uncertainty. It helps crystallize how theory and instinct work together.”
- George Soros

I’m an Uncertainty Specialist. Uncertainty is the common thread that runs through the different aspects of my work: my academic work in Financial Economics, my practical work with intuitive decision-making in markets and elsewhere, and my life-long research in how we know what we know.

I developed a training to teach finance professionals how to access their organismic intelligence and use their inner GPS systematically in their trading and investment decisions. In the last 15 years, I taught this methodology - which I called MarketFocusing - to hundreds of finance professionals around the world.

I've also assisted investors, entrepreneurs, artists, multi-billion dollar hedge fund managers and Fortune 500 executives through complex, long-term multifaceted strategic decisions and major transitions.

Led by my interest in how we know what we know, I studied many different approaches from different traditions, from Amazonian-Shamanism to Zen-Buddhism. I then immersed myself in technological change in Silicon Valley. My current research involves the integration of intuitive, organismic and machine intelligence. I call it YINternet Technologies.


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