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Superior performance requires not only good analytics based on the past but also a gut sense of how the market process is currently evolving. Disregarding what your body knows results in avoidable losses, missed opportunities, as well as tension, stress and sleepless nights. Learn how to access your organismic intelligence and use your inner GPS systematically in specific trades and portfolio decisions.

I developed this program 15 years ago and have taught it to hundreds of finance professionals around the world. It is a further development of Focusing, a well tested, worldwide known methodology created by philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin, PhD, at the University of Chicago.

The program

The program consists of 3 segments, which are taught one-on-one and take about 1-1.5hrs each. Whether you are concerned with making quick and decisive trades, insightful longer-term investments, strategic business decisions or a major transition, we'll work with your actual decisions. You'll be guided through a process until you know how to guide yourself. By the end of the program you’ll master a step-by-step system tailored to your own unique mind and individual style.

Each segment concentrates on a specific aspect of the process:


Baseline Sensing

Your body is the best guide to a right decision, but you must first learn how to listen to it. Your body is constantly digesting information – taking in and valuing information that you are not consciously aware of. In the first session you’ll learn how to find your gut knowledge, recognize meaningful bodily signals and listen to bodily responses.


Separating Emotionality and Other Irrelevancies from Your Gut Knowledge

How reliable is your gut? Your bodily reactions initially include emotional reactions and irrelevant factors that interfere with your sense of the actual situation. In the second session you’ll learn how to separate emotionality and other irrelevancies from the complex and subtle feelings that enter into reliable gut calls.


Decisions You
Can Act On

When a decision sits right, there’s no unresolved inner conflict, no competing claims on your attention, no tension between a part of you pushing you forward while another one draws you back. In the third session you’ll learn how to reconcile apparently conflicting goals and motives and how to let the right alternative emerge.

Most people need, on average, about 1-1.5 hours to learn the content of each segment. You’ll have as much time as you need to reach the learning goals.

The process

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